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100 Thieves Are Dominating The LCS And Here’s Why



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100 Thieves rebuilt their League Of Legends roster in November 2020 after spending lots of time in the middle of the standings and signed all of the Golden Guardians players besides their top laner.

In the first split they played together, which is LCS Spring 2021, 100 Thieves beat up all the expectations and showed promising results. As they become the 4th team in the standings in the group stage, they also become the 4th best team behind Team SoloMid, Team Liquid, and Cloud9.

However, the problem was on the mid lane for 100 Thieves. Tanner “Damonte” Damonte was playing inconsistently and lacking in lots of matches. Therefore, they decided to send him to the academy roster in mid-season.

After the split, 100 Thieves announced that they signed European midlaner Felix “Abbedagge” Braun from Schalke 04 Esports, who is one of the few European mid laners in North America alongside Perkz.

Abbedagge was one of the best mid laners in Europe, and he is performing extraordinary in North America right now.

As we mentioned earlier, his was a core change for the 100 Thieves because the only problem was the skill level of the midlane compared to the other roles and the chemistry between the mid lane and jungle duo.

By adding such a talented player as Abbedagge, all the micro gameplay problems solved for the roster. If they correct their mistakes macro-wise, 100 Thieves could easily pick up the trophy of LCS Summer 2021 and represent the organization in Worlds.

Right now, they have a great jungler and mid laner who proved themselves, a great duo in the bot lane who are playing together for so long, and a top laner who was standing against the T1 in the LCK on every final.

After this addition, they were ready to show their strength in LCS Summer 2021. Even though they lost the first match of the split against Immortals, the team played consistently well in the rest of the matches.

100 Thieves beat the last Split winners Cloud9, Dignitas, Team SoloMid, Golden Guardians, and Evil Geniuses through the second week of the split while their mid laner and jungler Can “Closer” Çelik shined throughout the tournament.

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