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100 Thieves’ Closer Explains Why Golden Guardians Most Likely Qualify For The Playoffs



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Can Çelik, known as “Closer,” is a 22-year-old Turkish League Of Legends player who has been representing 100 Thieves for over seven months. Previously, he had played for Golden Guardians and Royal Youth.

Closer spoke in a recent interview with Inven Global and shared his opinion about their current performance at LCS Summer 2021, the addition of Abbedagge, and also Golden Guardians’ Eric “Licorice” Ritchie transfer.

As you might recall, Licorice is considered as one of the best top-laners in the North American scene who proved himself with Cloud9. For the 2021 season, Licorice parted ways with Cloud9 and joined FlyQuest.

Even though it seems like a downgrade, Licorice was sure that it was a good choice for him. Unfortunately for them, the roster couldn’t find the chemistry and couldn’t perform in the split because of that.

Earlier this month, Licorice announced his departure from FlyQuest, and immediately after joined Golden Guardians for the rest of the season. Right now, they are fighting for a spot in the LCS Summer 2021 playoffs.

In the conversation, Closer was asked which team he thinks would qualify for the playoffs alongside Counter Logic Gaming, FlyQuest, Golden Guardians, and Immortals. As the answer, Closer picked Golden Guardians.

Furthermore, the Turkish jungler pointed out that the addition of Licorice to the Golden Guardians roster is huge and said that they have the highest chance to qualify for the playoffs because of this roster move.

Interviewer asked:

“There are six games left in the LCS Summer Split and only two of the eight eligible spots to qualify for the LCS Championship are available. Of the four teams not currently qualified, which are Immortals, FlyQuest, Golden Guardians and Counter Logic Gaming, which two teams do you think are most likely to make it to the post-season?”

Closer replied:

“I don’t know the strength of each team’s schedule, but GG is definitely stronger with Licorice. Licorice is definitely a great addition to their team and they’ve been winning a lot more since he’s joined.

I think GG will make playoffs. Out of the other three teams, I think it’s going to be between Immortals and FlyQuest.”

Later in the conversation, Closer also praised the talent of his teammate Felix “Abbedagge” Braun and touched upon the fact that he is the greatest mid laner in the LCS who has lots of knowledge about the game.

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