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100 Thieves Coach Chet Retires From CS:GO Scene



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Chet “Chet” Singh, formerly known as “ImAPet,” is a 24 year old American CS:GO coach who had worked for teams like NRG Esports, Evil Geniuses, and Optic Gaming in the past. Since May 2020, he had been coaching for 100 Thieves.

For over a week, there are lots of rumors about Chet to retire from the game and pursue in Riot Games’ newest FPS game, Valorant. Also, 100 Thieves is also creating a new Valorant roster, and they might be trying to add Chet as a coach.

Chet took to his official Twitter account to share a new post yesterday and announced his retirement from the Counter-Strike scene.

In the post, Chet stated that he had been thinking about retiring from competitive CS:GO and made the decision in the end. Also, he said that there is still a possibility to come back to the game and wrote that there will be more information on a further day.

Here is what Chet said:

“Today I retire from competitive CS:GO. A decision I’ve thought about for a while. Maybe I will be back one day as the game has done a lot for me. More news in the upcoming days.

Thank you for 100 Thieves for not keeping me to my contract. It was a fun short-lived experience. Thank you as well to my teammates for being supportive and I won’t forget the memories we made together.”

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