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100 Thieves Coach kassad Explains How They Overcome Such A Big Loss



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Aleksandar Trifunović, known as “kassad,” is a 33-year-old Serbian CS:GO coach who has been working for 100 Thieves since October 2019. Before that, he was leading Renegades and Mousesports.

During the recent talk with, kassad cleared the air about how they managed to overcome a big loss against G2 Esports. As you might already know, 100 Thieves lost G2 Esports 0-2 with 3-16 and 2-16. asked:

“Going back to look at your entire run through the group stage, at the start, you lost to G2 3-16 and 2-16, what did you do to recover from such a tough loss mentally?”

kassad replied:

“It’s the same old story for us. Against G2 at the beginning of BLAST, we were lacking confidence even though we had a bunch of practice and everyone worked a lot.

I think we had issues with communication outside, which obviously spills to the game a lot because, when there is something going on and we don’t communicate properly, it spills into the game and kind of affects the confidence and the discipline was a problem a little bit.”

He added:

“After the G2 game, we had one of our famous long talks that lasted for a few hours and everybody got everything out, the air was cleared, and everything was good again. And we showed that in-game, first against TYLOO and then our nemesis, I guess, EG.

It’s so hard to beat them and we managed to do it today, and then mousesports who also defeated us last time we played them in Sydney, which was a big thing for us, as well. We’re happy that we got the juice back.”

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