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100 Thieves Completes League Of Legends Roster With The Additions Of Huhi, Damonte, And Ssumday



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As you might remember, 100 Thieves announced their entrance to the League Of Legends scene recently by revealing the first two signings for their roster, jungle player Closer and AD carry player FBI.

Today, the North American organization also announced the rest of the roster. They agreed with Damonte for the mid lane, Huhi as a support player, and Ssumday as a top laner. With this announcement, they excited their fan base as well as the community.

While Damonte was saying that they are coming for the trophy, Ssumday said that he is looking forward to playing in 2021. Moreover, Huhi said that he is so excited to play with this roster and praised their talent.

Here is the official statement from 100 Thieves:

“Our roster for the 2021 League of Legends Championship Series:

Top: Ssumday
Jungle: Closer
Mid: Damonte
Support: huhi

Time to get to work. See you on the Rift!”

Here is what Damonte said:

“Lets fucking go boys 🙂 time to go trophy hunting.”

Ssumday wrote:

“Looking forward to 2021 :)”

Huhi said:

“Excited to work with new players FBI, Closer, Damonte, and got to play again with my former toplaner Ssumday, and of course coach Zikz on a brand new team, 100 Thieves!”

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