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100 Thieves Continues To Dominate The LCS With 8 Win Streak



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100 Thieves’ League Of Legends team was one of the most promising rosters in the LCS. However, they were lacking consistency in the midlane and couldn’t perform as they expected because of that. But all the members were pretty decent compared to the other players.

They have a Korean top lane that has an insane champion pool as well as experience, Kim “Ssumday” Chan-ho, and a Turkish jungler who has great mechanics and game knowledge, Can “Closer” Çelik.

Besides that, 100 Thieves has the most consistent bot lane duo who has been playing together for years, Victor “FBI” Huang and Choi “huhi” Jae-hyun, that delivers every time when they needed to step up for their team.

To make a strong team that can challenge the best teams in LCS, the organization needed to sign a talented and consistent mid laner. Therefore, the organization signed German player Felix “Abbedagge” Braun before the LCS Summer 2021.

Mid lane is maybe the most important role in the rift because the game flows around it. Junglers can play more around the map if their midlane performs well, and the team can pressure anywhere they want.

Will 100 Thieves Be The Champions Of LCS Summer 2021?

After the addition of Abbedagge, 100 Thieves started to perform much better in the summer split. In fact, most of the analysts claimed that they are the best team in the league right now in terms of macro play.

Although they lost the first match of the split against Immortals, they secured a 5 match win streak until they face Counter Logic Gaming, who surprised them with a Vi pick in the jungle.

However, they never stopped performing even after this loss. They have won against every team in the LCS right now and holding an 8 win streak following the victories in week 5 against Team Liquid, FlyQuest, and Counter Logic Gaming.

Right now, 100 Thieves are standing on top of the leaderboard, even though the records are carried over from the LCS Spring 2021 with 24-9 results. Also, Team SoloMid, Cloud9, and Team Liquid are the household teams that they are ahead of.

100 Thieves already built confidence following these results, and they are the closest team to win the LCS due to their consistent performances. If they continue to play well, they could be the first team to win LCS besides Team Liquid, Cloud9, and Team SoloMid since 2016.

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