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100 Thieves CS:GO Player AZR Shares His Thoughts About Evil Geniuses



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Aaron Ward, known as “AZR,” is a 27-year-old Australian CS:GO player who has been playing for 100 Thieves since October 2019. Before that, he was representing Renegades for 4 years. In his career, he earned over $190.000 from the events.

On 28 December, during the interview with the, he revealed how it feels like to play against the Evil Geniuses.

AZR said:

“For us as a team playing against EG – they’re a great team, nothing to take away from them – but I think there’s a mental block in our team when we play against them”

He added:

“We don’t seem as confident and don’t seem as loud energy-wise versus them. I think we’re not playing against them at our full capacity and that’s something we need to look at for ourselves because we don’t seem as strong against them”

AZR also said:

“I’ve tried this in the past against other teams, where we try to be as loud as possible to begin with, just so we’re not going into the game cold. It’s easier said than done, you can say. Against them, we have always just had a rough time, so we’ve got to figure that shit out ourselves and hopefully, leading into next year, we’ll have some stuff to do with our new mental coach. He’ll have stuff to say, for sure, so we’ll implement that and, hopefully, we can get over that hurdle”

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