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100 Thieves Leaves CS:GO Scene – Here Are The Reactions From The Players



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In October 2019, 100 Thieves announced their re-entrance into the CS:GO scene with the signing of the former Renegades roster. Almost a year later, the CEO of the organization Nadeshot revealed that they decided to part ways with their roster.

In the announcement, Nadeshot mentioned the problems of the organization have been facing following the coronavirus outbreak and pointed out that it was so difficult to manage the roster who lives in Europe from North America. With this announcement, he wished luck to all of the players.

Furthermore, all of the players took to their official Twitter account to say goodbye to the organization and showed their gratitude for the support they got since their signing. Additionally, they thanked 100 Thieves for their support and effort.

Here is what AZR said:

“Thanks for everything 100 Thieves. Happy I was able to play for such a great organization! All the best for the future!”

Riffler jks wrote:

“Thank you 100 Thieves for the incredible experience this past year. It’s been a great ride and I looked forward to seeing 100 Thieves’ continued success!”

AWPer Gratisfaction said:

“It’s unfortunate the way this year developed… Gotta thank 100 Thieves for the level of hospitality they showed us though. Nothing but legends working behind the scenes in this organisation.”

Another player jkaem said:

“Nothing but love for 100 Thieves, the best org I have ever been a part of. Proud to say that I have played for you guys, best of luck in the future!”

The youngster, Liazz wrote:

“Nothing but love for 100 Thieves. Proud to have represented an org with such great values & incredible people working behind the scenes.”

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