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100 Thieves Nadeshot Announced The Result Of His COVID Test And Reveals The Measure He Will Take



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Matthew Haag, known as “Nadeshot,” is a 28-year-old American former Call Of Duty player who is known for his achievements with Optic Gaming between 2010-2016. In 2016, he founded 100 Thieves and became the CEO of the organization.

Nadeshot took his official Twitter account to share a new post yesterday and announced the result of his coronavirus result. Thankfully, it was not positive.

In the post, Nadeshot relieved the fans by saying that the test result came negative and said that he will cancel the tattoo session he had to be cautious. Also, he mentioned the danger of the coronavirus especially this time of the year, and warned his followers.

Here is what Nadeshot wrote:

“Rapid test for COVID came back negative. Supposed to get a new tattoo this afternoon but out of caution, I’m probably gonna cancel. This pandemic, especially around this time of year, is dangerous. Symptoms are so similar to a regular cold and flu, just don’t know what to think.”

Complexity Gaming CEO Jason Lake replied:

“Keep observing your ability to smell and taste. From what many (experienced) people have told me, that’s the tell-tale sign. Be well!”

You can read the tweet below.

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