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100 Thieves Player Steel Shares His Thoughts About Raze Nerfs: “She Is In A Really Good Spot Now”



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Joshua Nissan, known as “Steel,” is a 30-year-old Canadian former CS:GO player who was recently playing for Chaos Esports Club. About two weeks ago, he joined 100 Thieves as a Valorant player.

Steel took to his official Twitter account to share a new post and unveiled his opinion about the recent changes in Valorant.

Yesterday, Riot Games released a new patch note for Valorant, and they decided to nerf the movement ability of Raze while changing the way that her ‘Blast Pack’ works. Also, they buffed Guardian slightly.

After reading the patch notes, Steel stated that this nerf is perfect for Raze because her ‘Blast Pack’ was using as an escape card. Despite this nerf, Steel thinks that Raze’s position in the meta is still great now due to her unique abilities.

Here is what Steel said:

“The raze nerf is perfect. Her satchels I always felt should have been used for movement not as a crutch for close range kills and get out of jail free cards. She still has nades that refresh on kills and boombot and her stupid ulti so I think she’s in a very good spot.

I tried the Guardian in a DM yesterday, felt okay and might be a good way to do a full buy on one or two players if they spend money on abilities or a cheap weapon on low buy / eco rounds. Making the enemy re-buy as much as possible allows you to take swing rounds.”

You can read the tweets below.

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