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100 Thieves Valorant Player Hiko Says He Firstly Wanted To Add nitr0 To The Roster



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Spencer Martin, known as “Hiko,” is a 30-year-old American former CS:GO player who had played for teams like Team Liquid, Cloud9, and more. Since June 2020, he has been playing Valorant for 100 Thieves.

As you might remember, 100 Thieves announced their entersnce to the Valorant scene with the additions of Hiko and Call Of Duty players. However, things didn’t work out for them they parted ways with all the players besides Hiko. Afterward, the current roster established with the addition of nitr0.

During a recent interview with Riot Games, Hiko talked about those times and revealed his impact about picking the roster.

In the conversation, Hiko mentioned that 100 Thieves asked his opinion about which player they should get and Hiko’s first pick was nitr0, who is the former teammate of Hiko from Team Liquid back in the CS:GO days.

Here is what Hiko said:

“When I first signed to 100 Thieves, we changed a roster, that, unfortunately, things didn’t really work out.

So 100 Thieves decided to give me a little bit more say in who I would pick to play with. When they told me, ‘Hey, who do you want?’ My first thought was immediately nitr0.”

You can watch the full interview below.

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