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Team Liquid Valorant Player Jamppi Will Not Return To CS:GO



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19-year-old Finnish former CS:GO player Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen had played for ENCE between April 2020 and January 2021. In the next month, he joined Team Liquid’s Valorant roster.

The young prodigy shared a new update via his official Twitter account yesterday and cleared the air about the latest rumors that say he will not play CS:GO and quit Valorant in near future.

While Jamppi was pointing out that the decision is really hard to make, he also said that he won’t be returning back to CS:GO. He mentioned that he loves Valorant and the team he plays and will improve himself inside and outside of the game.

 Why Jamppi Switched To Valorant

When Jamppi was a kid, he received a VAC ban in 2015. After Valve found out about this ban, they decided to forbid his actions in Valve-sponsored events, which are the biggest and most important events in the scene.

However, Jamppi was allowed to play on the other events, and ENCE added him as a sixth player in early 2020. Afterward, he sued Valve about this unfair ban and hoped that the ban will be removed in the near future before the major events started.

Unfortunately for Jamppi, the sue didn’t end up in favor of him and the ban remained. Because of that, he decided to switch to Valorant at the start of this year. After a while, he joined one of the most promising rosters of Valorant, Team Liquid.

But, Valve somehow decided to changed the rules after two months of Jammpi’s departure. “VAC ban will only disqualify a player from an event if it was either received less than 5 years prior,” Valve said.

And this update brought lots of rumors about the retired players such as Jamppi, and there were lots of people who thought the talented player will switch back to CS:GO. But, Jamppi saddened the CS:GO community with his decision.

Here is what Jamppi said:

“Little clip from todays stream about my future ! I am not going anywhere, i love this game, i am happy where i am right now, i want to improve everyday as a player and person, and lets go win Iceland boys!”

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