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100 Thieves Valorant Player nitr0 About New Patch: “I’m Not A Fan Of Operator Changes”



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25 year old American former CS:GO player Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella had played under Team Liquid jersey for over five years. However, he decided to switch to Valorant after announcing his departure from the Team Liquid and joined 100 Thieves.

nitr0 took to his official Twitter account to share his thoughts about the new patch notes of Valorant and explained why Operator shouldn’t be nerfed.

After almost every Valorant player complained about how a strong weapon Operator is, Riot Games decided to nerf it finally, alongside some agent changes like Jett nerfs and huge buffs to Viper’s ultimate.

nitr0 stated that he is not a fan of these changes on the Operator and said that it was really balanced weapon. Also, he mentioned that Jett is the agent that makes it look like overpowered and explained why people thought Operator was overpowered.

Here is what nitr0 said:

“Some good changes, but not a huge fan of the op ones just because I don’t think the op was imbalanced. I think Jett as an agent made it look stronger than it actually is. Let’s see how it goes!”

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