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100 Thieves Valorant Player Steel On Phantom: “They Should Rename It As Miracle Maker”



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Joshua Nissan, known as “Steel,” is a 31-year-old Canadian former CS:GO player who had played for teams like Chaos Esports Club, Ghost Gaming, and more. Since September 2020, he has been playing Valorant for 100 Thieves.

Yesterday, Steel wanted to share his thoughts about one of the most controversial guns in the Valorant scene, Phantom, and took his official Twitter account to do so.

In the post, Steel mentioned that players who are playing with Phantom could kill the enemy without aiming towards them, and he criticized this mechanic in the game by saying that they should change the Phantom’s name to miracle maker.

Here is what Steel said:

“Does the phantom have built-in aim assist or like what the f*ck? Why does this gun hit people that you aren’t even aiming remotely close to?

They should honestly rename the weapon to miracle maker.”

You can check out the post below.

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