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100 Thieves Valorant Player Steel Reveals His Opinion About The New Map: Icebox



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30-year-old Canadian Valorant player Joshua Nissan, known as “Steel,” has been representing 100 Thieves for over a month. Before that, he was a CS:GO player that played for Chaos Esports Club recently.

Steel took to his official Twitter account to share his thoughts about the new map that added to Valorant with the recent update, Icebox.

As you might remember, Riot Games released Act III recently alongside with tons of skins, a brand new agent, and a battlepass. Furthermore, it features a new map like most of the players wanted to see, Icebox.

However, Steel seemed like didn’t like the map at all. He stated that he didn’t think anything would be worse than playing on Icebox and slammed the map in this way. Furthermore, he said that it is even more worse to play deathmatch on this server and explained how bad this map is.

Here is what Steel said:

“I didn’t think anything could be much worse than playing Icebox. Then I DM’d on Icebox. Yeah man, sick experience…”

You can read the tweet below.

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