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100 Thieves Valorant Player Steel Reveals The Best Agent In The Game



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One of the greatest minds in the game, Joshua “Steel” Nissan, is a 30-year-old Canadian former CS:GO player who switched to Valorant and joined 100 Thieves alongside Hiko and nitr0 in 2020.

Steel took his official Twitter account to share a new post and wanted to criticize the Valorant community due to their agent choices in ranked games as he revealed the greatest agent in the game.

As Steel was mentioning that Sova is the best agent in Valorant, he also pointed out the fact that nobody is playing him in the ranked games. Instead, they prefer to play with another duelist, and this makes Steel even madder about the situation.

Here is what Steel said:

“Crazy to think that sova is literally the best agent in the game and yet nobody plays him in ranked games and would prefer to go triple baiting duelists”

You can read the tweet below.


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