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3 Most Important Changes For The League Of Legends Patch 11.14



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Riot Games will release the 11.14 patch for League Of Legends live servers three days later, and it is so important for the players to learn about what is going to change in the meta before entering the rift.

Before the patch goes live, they let players test out the new changes on the test server for a while. As far as we could see in the patch notes, there are some huge changes in the champions that could be game-changing.

Akali Nerf

Akali is probably the most annoying champion to play against on the rift. If she is ahead, she can one-shot the enemy so easily and get out from the chaos without any trouble. However, Riot Games decided to nerf Akali for the next patch.

They are aiming to lower Akali’s burst damage by stopping her to use her Q during the E2. Besides that, Riot is also nerfing Akali’s base damage on her ultimate ability a lot, and this is why the regular players shouldn’t pick her in the next patch.

Darius Buff

Darius was nerfed earlier to make him easier to play against, but the nerf was so huge that it lowered the pick and win rate of Darius. Because of that, Riot wanted to show some attention to the top laner.

They buffed Darius’ passive damage which helps him to win the duels most of the time as well as lowering the cooldown of his E ability, which is enabling him to pull enemies closer. With these updates, we are expecting to see Darius dominate the top lane once again.

Seraphine Buff

Seraphine was one of the most picked champions when she firstly introduced to the game thanks to her kit as well as the Moonstone’s power. But, the developers nerfed both Seraphine and Moonstone after seeing them on every match even in professional play.

Since then, Seraphine has been underperforming on the rift even though she recently got a small buff. But, things might change in 11.14 patch. Riot is giving additional 5 base damage into her Q ability, as well as buffing her AP ratio by 5 percent.

This is not looking like a huge buff but the champions like Seraphine can easily cross the line between balanced and overpowered. Also, Moonstone item got buffed in 11.13 patch that could make her even stronger now.

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