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3 Tips To Play Caveira In Rainbow Six Siege



Caveira can be overpowered if she could be used well in the right hands in lower ranks because these players are lack of communication and teamwork in the game like Rainbow Six Siege who needs all of these abilities to win.

Caveira is an operator that abuses these mistakes by the players and easily turned out the fate of the round. Today, we will give you the best tips to play Caveira in the game.

3. Try To Play Outside From The Objective

First of all, you need to play far away from the objective and stay alive to let the time pass. Afterward, when the gunfights stars and trades are going on, you should peek the enemies from behind and carry your teammates.

2. Don’t Interrogate Every Time You Injure Someone

You shouldn’t be using the unique ability of interrogation all the time. Because most of the time, there will be more enemies than you expected. So, if you are sure that the enemy is alone, you can interrogate quickly.

1. You Are The Counter Pick For Jackal

Caveira is the counter-pick for Jackal thanks to his silent step ability. If he tries to scan your footprint, you can click your silent step ability to cancel the marks of the Jackal. To do this, you need to activate whenever Jackal’s gadget close to locating you.

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