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5 Operators That You Can Solo Carry Your Team In Rainbow Six Siege



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Rainbow Six Siege is an FPS game that has a really unique gameplay compared to other games like CS:GO, Call Of Duty, Valorant, and more. It is a more tactical, realistic, and complex game, which makes it more attractive.

Even though the game depends on teamwork and strategies than straight gunplay, some of the operators could be used to get easy frags as well as being usefor for the team or even yourself with their special gadgets.

In this article, we are going to reveal the top five operators that make it easier to carry your teammates who are lacking in fragging. This list might also help you to rank up in the game as well as increasing your statistics.


Ace is an alternative hard-breacher of Thermite and Hibana, and he has a S.E.L.M.A. Aqua Breacher that helps him to destroy reinforced walls and hatches. The most great thing about his gadget is you can place two different S.E.L.MA’s on the opposite side of a reinforced wall, which will open either of them if the enemy is trying to Bandit or Kaid trick the wide reinforced wall such as Consolute’s garage.

Besides having a flexible hard breach ability that could be used in both hatches and walls, Ace also has the AK-12, which is the highest damage-per-second gun in the game. With this weapon, it is much easier to kill your enemies.


Hibana is the second hard-breacher that Rainbow Six Siege has introduced us to. After the rework on her X-Kairos gadget, she can now send different numbers of pellets to the walls and hatches. With this gadget, she can destroy every hatch that you need to. Also, she can use the rest of his pellets to open holes in the reinforced walls, which will get the enemy off-guard.

Even though the most powerful thing about Hibana is her X-Kairos gadget, her primary assault rifle Type-89 has one of the highest fire rates in the game. In a game such as Rainbow Six Siege where you can one-shot the enemy with a single bullet on the head, Type-89 could be a great choice.


Zofia is one of the strongest operators in the game since the release of her operation, just because how strong her utility and the weapon is. Even after getting nerf, Zofia can still use 2 stuns and 2 soft breach grenades that allow you to entry, play vertically, destroy enemy gadgets, or even hold long angles.

Zofia usually equips M762, which has one of the most stable recoils in the game. It has a great fire rate and a decent damage output, which makes her so deadly. Zofia is such a strong operator that even Jason¬†“Beaulo” Doty uses her.


If you are getting tired of getting flanked all the time after getting two or tree entries in the beginning of the round, Nomad is a definitely go-to choice. She has three airjabs to stop the enemies from flanking, which makes you more focused to kill your enemies in front.

Furthermore, Nomad has two great assault rifles with some downsides. If you want to use a gun that has high fire rate, you should pick the ARX200. However, there are only 20+1 rounds in the magazine. AK-74M, on the other hand, has a low fire rate compared to the other guns, but it is really easy to control.


Rainbow Six Siege players are mostly struggle to play on the attacker side because it needs more coordination than the defenders side. Because of that, players can get more kills with whatever operator they pick.

But, Aruni is such a strong operator that you can priotize picking her. Not because she has a laser gate that destroys utilities and damaging the enemies, Surya Gate, she has also two of the strongest guns in their area, P10 Roni and MK 14 EBR.

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