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A New Game-Breaking Bug In CS:GO Is Giving Wallhack To The Players



CS:GO is by far the most played competitive FPS game around the whole world. But, the game suffers from cheaters, scammers, people who troll the games, and many more. But yet, the game couldn’t find any solution for them.

Even though Valve announced the trust factor system back in 2017 and prime accounts since almost the release of the game to improve matchmaking, these changes didn’t really prevent cheaters to dominate the games.

However, there is only one thing that CS:GO has managed really well, the bugs. Compared to the other competitive games, CS:GO has the least frustrating and game-changing bugs in the game. In fact, it could be the most stabilized game ever.

But surprisingly, there is a new game-breaking bug found by the community that gives a chance to the players to see through the walls. But, we are not recommending any players to abuse this bug because you will end up getting banned from the game.

A Twitter user named Gabe Follower shared a video to show this bug to the community. This user mentioned that the video found by the Russian community. “Game-breaking bug in CS:GO,” he said. “There is a ‘legal wallhack’ that works when you look through the light bulb on the bomb.”

As you can see in the video below, two terrorists were next to each other, and the player who has the bomb on his back was looking to the ground while crouching. The other one was looking at the light bulb on the bomb, which reveals the silhouette of the enemy who was standing on the other side of the wall.

You can check out the post below.

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