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Alliance Dota 2 Player Handsken Talks About Loaned Player fng: “We Are Happy With Him”



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Simon Haag, known as “Handsken,” is a 26-year-old Swedish Dota 2 player who has been playing under Alliance jersey for over ten months. Previously, he was playing for GODSENT. In his career, he earned over $250.000 from the events.

In a recent interview with VPEsports, Handsken talked about the team structure of the roster and revealed if they want to sign the fifth play in the near future.

Right now, Alliance is playing with 24-year-old Belarusian player Artsiom “fng” Barshak since May 2020, who has been loaned from Gambit Esports, and going pretty well in the matches.

In the conversation, Handsken stated that they are really happy with fng and unveiled that they are not searching for anybody to replace him. Also, he said that he couldn’t speak about if they will sign him or not.

Interviewer asked:

“A question about the Alliance line-up. It’s been a while since fng has come on a loan from Gambit. Is it just a matter of time until he becomes a full-time member of the team or are you still considering changing something?”

Handsken replied:

“We are not searching for anybody else if that’s what you are asking. We are happy with fng and yes he is still on loan, but having a player on such an arrangement implies a lot of other stuff that I’m not really able to talk about.”

Interviewer asked:

“Usually, the support duo in any team develops this outside the game super-strong bond as well. If you look at the old Puppey-KuroKy duo, Fy and Fenrir in their Vici Gaming times, would you say that you and fng are also becoming good friends outside the game?”

Handsken said:

“Yes, a little bit. I think we get along really well. I played support with other people where sometimes I led or that guy leads most of the time, but with fng I feel like we’re good with taking turns on directing the flow of the game.

He is a natural leader, he’s been a captain before, I’ve done that as well a couple of years back, and I think that helps us to be good at taking turns on controlling the tempo of how we move on the map and stuff.”

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