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Allu Returns To Competitive CS:GO And Starts Searching For A New Home



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Aleksi Jalli, known as “Allu,” is a 29-year-old Finnish veteran CS:GO player who had been recently playing for ENCE. In his career, he earned over $400.000 from the tournaments that he attended.

Allu’s fame started with his performance in Ninjas In Pyjamas back in 2015, but he joined ENCE for six months in 2016. Then, he tried out his chance with FaZe Clan, which ended up leaving in August 2017.

Afterward, Allu took a chance to play with the newly created international roster of Optic Gaming, but they couldn’t perform. Then, he joined the Finnish organization ENCE yet again in 2018, and they had been playing for the top since then.

However, ENCE had been underperforming for the last two years following their unexpected success in 2018, and the downfall hit the deep of the ocean last year. Because of that, the organization built an international roster in late 2020.

Even though they were performing better than the old roster, there was something missing in the team. In May 2021, Allu decided to take a break from the game due to being fatigued and drained, which are the symptoms of the burnout problem.

Yesterday, Allu announced his return to the competition before the player break because he wanted to find a new home. Furthermore, he mentioned that he is still motivated to grind and said that taking a time off earlier worked for him.

Allu said:

“Taking a time out earlier this year has been very good but now its time to get back to work. If there is a need for experienced & motivated player hit me up!”

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