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Apeks Announces The Departure Of Jkaem From Their CS:GO Roster



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Joakim Myrbostad, known as “Jkaem,” is a 26-year-old Norwegian CS:GO player who has been playing for Apeks since October 2020. Before that, he was playing for 100 Thieves and Renegades.

After 100 Thieves announced that they will be quitting the CS:GO scene, their players started to look around for new teams. Later on, Norwegian organization Apeks agreed with Jkaem and added him to the roster.

However, it seems like the honeymoon didn’t last for long and they decided to part ways, according to the official announcement from Apeks via their official Twitter account.

On the other hand, Jkaem’s manager confirmed that they are in talks with other organizations right now but there is nothing certain yet. Because of that, they are really surprised that Apeks announced it as done deal even though nothing has been signed yet.

Here is the official announcement from Apeks:

“It’s with a heavy heart we announce that Jkaem is leaving Apeks with immediate effect. Myrbostad received an offer he felt he couldn’t refuse and has been bought out of his contract.

A lot of money has been spent on getting Joakim home, with a common understanding that time would be spent on building a Norwegian top roster, but these thoughts seem to have evaporated, it is sad for us and the Norwegian scene.

But we are ready to move on and will spend the next few weeks looking into Scandinavian players. We are changing our plans but not the goal, it will just take a little longer. We are looking forward to 2021!”

Jkaem’s manager, Asgeir Kvalvik said:

As the agent of jkaem, I can confirm that we are in talks with another club, although I find it very strange that Apeks announces this as a done deal when nothing has been signed by any of the parties as of yet. Jkaem are in other worlds still under contract with Apeks.”

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