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Apex Legends Player And Twitch Streamer Mendo Explains Why Phantom Is Better Than Vandal In Valorant



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Lucas Håkansson, known as “Mendo,” is a 22-year-old Swedish Apex Legends player who has been playing for Team Liquid since August 2019, and he is also the content creator for the organization.

Mendo took to his official Twitter account to share his opinion about the weapons in the Riot Games’ Valorant and revealed why Phantom is better than Vandal.

In the post, Mendo stated that he can’t give credit for Vandal even though he wants to, because Phantom is so much viable and consistent that there is no doubt it will be a better choice. Even after he said that Phantom is better, he mentioned the feeling of using Vandal and praised the gun itself.

Here is what Mendo said:

“I really want the vandal to be good, but after playing it a bunch I think Phantom is still just too good not to use it just never lets me down, sometimes the vandal still just goes out of control, and the recoil reset takes so long. Phantom>Vandal just cause of its consistency.

God damn this gun feels good to use though…”

A fan named Sith replied:

“The recoil reset has to be bugged for the vandal. I never have an issue with the phantom…”

Mendo replied:

“Recoil reset and overall spraying are the things that need to be adjusted for sure.”

You can read the tweets below.

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