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Apex Legends Player NiceWigg Gives A Motivational Speech For You!



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Jack Martin, known as “NiceWigg” is an American Apex Legends player who has been playing for Counter Logic Gaming since May 2019. In his career with CLG, he earned over $15.000 from the tournaments. His last accomplishment was the 368: Apex Season 2 Tournament.

On 17 December, he gave a motivational speech to all the players in the world.

NiceWigg said:

“Stop feeling “sorry” for yourself and go get what you want. You have to work harder than those chasing the same dream. You can do it, but only if you stop caring about failure and worrying about what people think. Just fucking do it. You got this”

Team Liquid player Mendo replied:

“I feel sorry for myself whenever I don’t find a peacekeeper and I always try getting what I want (a peacekeeper)”

NiceWigg replied:

“LMAOOOOO you already know us controller players automatically land on PK R-99”

Mendo said:

“Yeah you fuckers can one clip with no extended mag cause aim assist doesn’t get affected by muzzle flash”


“No muzzle flash = no problem ha ha haaaaa”

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