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Apex Legends Player NiceWigg Reveals That He Is So Annoyed By This Kind Of People



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American Apex Legends player Jack Martin, known as “NiceWigg” has been representing Counter Logic Gaming since May 2019. On 17 October, he revealed the most annoying people that NiceWigg can’t stand.

NiceWigg said:

“One thing I can’t take is when someone complains about not getting respect they “deserve” or complain about the position they are in… but refuse to put the hard work or dedication in, acting like people should feel bad for them.”

He added:

“Someone always out there working harder, grinding day in and day out. Why do you expect more then them when they the ones busting their ass?? You ain’t entitled to anything and you have to work harder then that person in front of you if you want it that badly.”

NiceWigg continued:

“Stop feeling sorry for yourself and looking for sympathy from others. Only way you going to get in the position you want to be in is by you doing it. Put your head down, work, have fun, learn, and enjoy the fucking grind baby because that’s what it’s all about”

Content Creator Jonny replied:

“folks “grind” for 3 days and think they deserve greatness”

NiceWigg replied:

“Or stream for 4 hours a day 4 times a week and be surprised when the person streaming 10 hours a day 6 days a week has more than them. It blows my mind man. I. D.o.n.t get it”

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