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Apex Legends Player Noted Says That Older Players Should Have Act Like Professionals



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Vinícius Mancinni, known as “Noted” is a Brazilian Apex Legends player who was playing for Cloud9 and Quasar Generation Red. Currently, he is looking for a team to play. On 30 November, he said that older aged players should have cared themselves more.

Noted explains:

“It is very obvious especially on FPS games that young players 17-23 are taking places of older players. It doesn’t need to be like that. When professional players are going to act like real pro athletes and take care of what they drink, eat when they sleep, the D hormone levels.”

He added:

“And other things like the DHA EPA balance, drinking alkaline water exercising, etc etc etc. This is sad to see, the current level of tournaments going on and great players becoming bad players”

Famous streamer TheGodlyNoob replied:

“The real question is are great players really becoming bad players OR are FPS games reducing the skillgap so much that bad players now stand a chance because of higher RNG ? Arena shooters are disappearing and BRs are becoming the esports”

Noted replied:

“Great point, I believe games like CS still a great example of how new players are taking the spot of the older ones even tho they are more experienced. I believe games that are more tactical and require more strategy is easier to last longer.”

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