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Apex Legends Player Noted Shocks The World: “Valorant Will Be Bigger Than Any Game!”



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Vinícius Mancinni, known as “Noted,” is a Brazilian former Rainbow Six Siege player who had played for paiN Gaming in 2017. Currently, he is a professional Apex Legends player who had played for Cloud9 in the past.

A few days ago, after Noted saw the Riot Games’ new FPS game, Valorant, he stated that he is now a professional player of this game even without playing it and stated that this game will be bigger than any other game. After this statement, most of the community criticized him really hard.

Here is what Noted said:

“This game will be bigger than CSGO, bigger than any fps in the world, and I’ll be playing it at the highest level. With all, I’ve learn making mistakes, making good friends, and having good people around me. I will give my best in @PlayVALORANT”

Counter Logic Gaming player NiceWigg replied and stand with him:

“Why is this getting so much hate?? It’s actually sickening. I hope you pop the fuck off in Valorant and everyone looks back at this. I fucking love this energy. People are pathetic for shitting on someone’s dreams.”

A fan user named Tiie replied:

“Didn’t this guy try and become pro in multiple other games? Can’t wait for Valorant to follow in the same destiny lmfao”

Another fan named Tice said:

“This game is the biggest and will be the biggest joke over. The graphics and style are shit and remind me of the China version of apex. This game won’t be the biggest fps shooter ever and won’t come close. Siege, CS, and Apex are on the top right now. Siege and apex are still growing”

You can read his tweet below.

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