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Astralis Confirms 7-Man Roster With The Signing Of Jugi



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As you might remember, we reported yesterday that Astralis is making a radical change for their CS:GO team and trying to create a 7-man roster with the singing of Heroic player Jakob “JUGi” Hansen.

After a short period, Astralis confirmed this information by announcing their newest member on Twitter and made one of the most controversial decisions in the scene. With this squad, Astralis becomes the first team that has over 5 active players in their roster.

Here is what Jugi said:

“It feels like coming home. To be honest, I was really nervous, but the second I stepped into the office, everything felt just right. The group has grown a lot, but I know most of the guys around the team, I know the culture and I know what is expected of me – on and off the server. I’ve had some great times here and being able to wear the jersey with the red star on the chest is just… It’s a pressure, it’s humbling and it’s motivating as nothing else!

I’ve not been as consistent in my performance as I want to be, but I know what I can do under the right conditions and luckily so does Kasper Hvidt and Danny. Also, I will play with a group of incredibly skilled players on a team where the combined performance is always in focus, which is something I’ve missed at times.

It might take some time to adjust to the way we play. The playbook in Astralis probably has more pages than any other out there, but I’ve been practicing with the guys already and it feels really good. I can’t wait to get on the server and show everybody how I feel about joining the team.”

The coach of the team, zonic said:

“We know JUGi well and we know how well he performs when he’s at his best. He has already proven his talent and potential when he worked in the office next to ours, and it’s all about getting him back to that level on a consistent basis – and to contribute to the team’s overall performance.

He has already participated in a practice session where he adapted and contributed as we expected. CS:GO is a demanding game, however, and it requires an extremely high level of teamplay and understanding of the game, internal roles and agreements. I hope and believe that “JUGi” will adapt and integrate into the team and our way of working, and I really look forward to working with him.

Our goal is to constantly improve and we will always enter a tournament with the aim to win it. Our ambitions remain the same, short and long term.”

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