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Astralis CS:GO Coach Zonic Reveals Why They Added es3tag To Their Roster



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Danny “zonic” Sørensen is a 33-year-old Danish CS:GO coach who has been leading Astralis for over four years. On the other hand, Patrick “es3tag” Hansen is a 24-year-old Danish player who had played for teams like Heroic, Tricked Esport, and more.

Currently, es3tag is under contract with FunPlus Phoenix. However, Astralis singed up him as a 6th player and he will be playing for red stars when his contract ends.

During the recent interview with, zonic has revealed why they added es3tag to their roster and what’s the differences about him compared to the other players. zonic stated that they were looking for a versatile team player with a high individual skill who knows the culture in and around the team.

Here is what zonic said:

“We looked for a versatile player who could step in and hit the ground running, so to speak. Our preference was for someone who knew the culture in and around the team, someone who was a team player and a player with a high base level.

Patrick can take almost all roles on a team and we’re fortunate to get a player who has actually been a part of the performance culture in our organization. And then he’s a good guy, which also means a lot in terms of the way we want to work as a group.”

zonic added:

“Our decision is strategic and not tactical. It is not the idea to swap players during a game or a tournament, but I would be stupid if I told you we will not consider this an option in the long run. Everything to do with this is around performance, and the health of our players is a vital part of being able to perform tournament after tournament, season after season.”

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