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Astralis CS:GO Coach zonic Reveals Why They Couldn’t Perform Well In 2020



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Former Counter-Strike player and currently a coach of Astralis, Danny Sørensen, known as “zonic,” has been working for the roster since January 2016, and he led the team to win lots of tournaments in these years.

zonic has spoken in the recent blog in the Astralis Group and revealed why they wanted to sign Patrick “es3tag” Hansen as a 6th player, which might be the reason behind of the bad results in 2020.

In the article, zonic stated that some of the players are not feeling %100 ready for the upcoming events and that’s why they wanted to add 6th player to the roster. Also, this might be the reason why they couldn’t perform well in any tournament.

Here is what zonic said:

“For one, we’re never ever happy when we don’t win a tournament. A semi-final is not the same as losing a competition, but it certainly feels like it the days after. We are not satisfied with the result, and we are very aware that we have yet to win a trophy in 2020.”

He added:

“On the other hand, and as I have said before, Astralis is not only about winning one or two tournaments. It’s about building, maintaining and developing a solid foundation and a structure that will secure long term success for Astralis.

In this respect, I am actually proud of the team. We have not had a great start of the year, some of the players are definitely not feeling 100%, which is one reason why the organization has decided to upgrade the roster with a 6th player.”

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