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Astralis CS:GO Player Dev1ce About ESL Pro League’s Decision On Pursuing Online Playoffs: “Best Decision”



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Nicolai Hvilshøj Reedtz, known as “Dev1ce,” is a 25-year-old Danish CS:GO player who has been playing under Astralis jersey for over five years. In his career, he earned over $1.500.000 from the tournaments.

Yesterday, ESL announced that they will remain on online in the playoffs even though they were planning to execute on LAN because of the coronavirus outbreak, and Dev1ce took his official Twitter account to share his reaction to this decision.

In the post, Dev1ce pointed out that everyone would love to play on LAN after a long time, but he believed that this is the best decision to make especially during these tough times. In this way, he showed that playing healthy is better than playing in a fair place.

Here is what Dev1ce said:

“Even though everyone would’ve loved a lan, this is the best decision in my opinion!”

You can check out the post below.

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