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Astralis CS:GO Player dupreeh: This Game Is One Of The Best Games I Have Ever Played



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Peter Rasmussen, known as “dupreeh” is one of the most earning CS:GO players in the world with over $1.700.000. Lastly, he won the BLAST Pro Series: Global Final 2019 and $350.000. Since 2016, he has been playing for Astralis.

On 24 December, he said that Spiderman for Playstation 4 is the top3 best games he ever played.

dupreeh said:

“Spider-Man for PS4 is hands down top3 best games I’ve ever played”

A fan named Andrew replied:

“I recommend Jedi Fallen Order as well. Might not be in your top three, but definitely a game worth playing.”

Another fan, named prow said:

“Really great combat mechanics but I found the story and missions to be quite dull, maybe its just me. Still worth a play though!”

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