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Astralis CS:GO Player Gla1ve Calls Out To The Heroic Players: “Did You Know HUNDEN Using The Coach Bug?”



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Lukas “Gla1ve” Rossander is a 25-year-old Danish CS:GO player who has been representing Astralis for over four years. In May 2020, he took a break due to burnout problems and returned back to the roster in September.

Over a month ago, one of the biggest scandals in the CS:GO scene is started. After the investigations, authorities found out that some of the coaches used the coach bug, which allows you to see anywhere on the map and gain unfair advantage.

First, they banned Heroic coach HUNDEN and MIBR coach dead. After weeks later, it revealed that 37 coaches abused this expoit and all of them got banned. Additionally, the investigations are still continuing.

After seeing the proofs that HUNDEN used the bug, Gla1ve wondered if the players in Heroic did know about the situation or not and asked why they didn’t make a statement about it.

In the tweet, Gla1ve touched upon the fact that Heroic players did not deny anything about using the exploit and said that they should have try to clear their names if they were not guilty. In this way, he called out these players to make a statement from their point of view.

Here is what Gla1ve wrote:

“Did the Heroic players not denie if they knew that HUNDEN was cheating? Im not saying they knew he was cheating by the way, I just want to know which statements the players gave regarding this.

cadiaN did you guys give any statements about if you knew it or not?”

A fan named Rasmus shared the statement of HUNDEN, Gla1ve replied:

“So if HUNDEN says that the players didnt know that he was cheating, why the hell doesnt all the players say the same? They have no reason to be quiet about it?”

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