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Astralis CS:GO Player Gla1ve Explains Why He Is Annoyed



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One of the best in-game leaders in the CS:GO scene is Lukas Egholm Rossander, known as “Gla1ve” has been playing for Astralis since October 2016. With this move, his career changed and currently, he is one of the most earning players in the scene with over $1.500.000.

On 8 December, after their loss against Mousesports at the semifinals of ESL Pro League Finals, he said that last map, he played really poor and this is why he is disappointed.

Gla1ve said:

“That last half personally is so freaking disappointing for me. Gg wp @mousesports– good luck in final”

A fan named Gihi replied:

“I think your time is over… I do not know how you will ever come back after something like that… The new generation is rising”

Another fan, sypia replied:

“ur expressions on camera showed something else when u were up 14-8”

You can read the tweets below.

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