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Astralis CS:GO Player Gla1ve On How To Play Against CIS Teams: “We Need To Fight A Little More For Map Control”



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Lukas Egholm Rossander, known as “Gla1ve,” is a 25-year-old Danish CS:GO player who has been playing under Astralis jersey for over four years. In his career, he earned over $1.500.000 from the tournaments.

Gla1ve spoke in a recent interview with after their devastating loss against Team Spirit and talked about what did they wrong in the matchup and what should they do to fight against CIS teams.

In the conversation, Gla1ve mentioned that CIS teams have a very aggressive style and they want to take the map control as both CT and T’s. Because of that, they need to fight a little bit more in order to gain the map control against these teams.

Here is what Gla1ve said:

“All these CIS teams are really aggressive, they take a lot of map control all the time, both on the T and the CT sides.

What we need to do is fight a bit more for it. I think we need to make some changes to our game, use a bit more utility at the start of rounds instead of saving it. We are trying to work on it. Let’s see if it works.”

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