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Astralis CS:GO Player Magisk Shows His Respect To Gla1ve: “Being An IGL Is So Hard”



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Emil Hoffmann Reif, known as “Magisk,” is a 22-year-old Danish CS:GO player who has been playing for Astralis since February 2018. In his career, he earned over $1.400.000 from the tournaments that he attended.

After being picked as the 11th best player in the world in 2020, Magisk talked about their gameplay last year, his experience about being the in-game leader after Gla1ve took a break, and many more.

In the conversation, Magisk admitted that being the in-game leader is so hard because you have so many responsibilities inside and outside the game and showed his respect to his teammate and captain, Gla1ve, for doing it at such high level.

Here is what Magisk said:

“I still had my individual level since it was my first time taking over this role, so I still had a bit too much focus on myself and I was not prioritising the team enough, which also made me look better individually.

As I got more time in the role, I got to see the game from a different perspective and realised that the captain needs to make space for the players, showing leadership going into bombsites when people are hesitating, etc.

The captain goes in first when things are looking rough, and that’s the way it should be. Being the in-game leader is harder than I thought, not only in the game, but also outside of it.”

He added:

“There is so much responsibility, so many decisions and stuff behind the scenes that you have to use a lot more energy than when you are just a ‘normal’ player. Huge respect to gla1ve and everyone else for being in this role for such a long time.

It kind of felt a bit rough in some periods, having to change players all the time, without even having time to put them properly into our routines/systems, without having time to practice either. It was a lot of calling on the fly since we didn’t have much time to practice and get good as a team.

I tried using the same playbook that we had before gla1ve took a break, so that at least Peter, Nicolai, and I could focus on playing well individually and not have to think about new tactics or other things.”

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