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Astralis’ Dupreeh Explains The Key Of Facing The Top Teams



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Peter Rothmann Rasmussen, known as “Dupreeh,” is a 26-year-old Danish CS:GO player who has been playing for Astralis since 2016. Previously, he had played for Team Dignitas and Team SoloMid.

The veteran riffler spoke in a recent interview with Blast Premier and James Banks, and he talked about their current performance as well as revealing how to best the top-tier teams in Counter-Strike.

In the conversation, Dupreeh pointed out that players and teams can not only rely on the strategies they have made when they are facing the best teams in the world because he believes that it is not enough for victory.

As Dupreeh said, the key against playing against the top team is being on point individually and simply hitting the shots you take. However, the individual skill is not enough for the victory for the riffler.

According to Dupreeh, decision-making is one of the most important things against those teams because you need to make the right calls and react fast in order to play well because playing passive won’t get you to win the games.

dupreeh on facing the top-tier teams:

“When you play against the top two teams like Vitality, Gambit, Natus Vincere, and all these teams, you can’t only rely on your strategies and making the right decision.

It’s all about being on point individually, but also making the right decisions individually whenever they start doing anything. You need to be able to play with some guts and make some risky moves and not play too passive because otherwise you are going to lose.””

You can check out the conversation below.

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