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Astralis’ Magisk Says He Wants To Prove Dev1ce That Joining NIP Was A Wrong Decision



Emil Hoffmann Reif, known as “Magisk,” is a 23-year-old Danish CS:GO player who has been playing under Astralis jersey for over three years, becoming one of the most important fire-power members of the team. Previously, he was playing for Optic Gaming.

On the other hand, Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz had been playing with the red stars since the beginning, and he was the most consistent player on the roster. But, he shocked the community by leaving Astralis and joining Ninjas In Pyjamas in April 2021.

Why Dev1ce Left Astralis And Joined NIP?

This decision wasn’t made by the Danish AWPer suddenly. They had been performing on top-level since they joined Astralis, and they also dominated the scene by around two years, winning almost every tournament possible during this period.

Astralis’ downfall started with the burnout problems of Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander and Andreas “Xyp9x” Højsleth in 2020, following the online era caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Since then, they couldn’t find their old form.

After having lots of ups and downs, Dev1ce decided to start a new journey and wanted to build his own legacy with Ninjas In Pyjamas, and they have been performing quite well in the tournaments.

As Dev1ce and his colleagues reached the finals of Flashpoint Season 3, which is the debut tournament of the Danish player, they also managed to become the fourth-best team in BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2021.

Magisk Reflects On The Departure Of Dev1ce

For most of the community, Astralis is the best team in CS:GO history.

While the teams will be playing their first LAN events after about two years, they have made lots of interviews and talks with the media personalities. In one of these interviews, Magisk talked about how Dev1ce’s departure affected him.

In the conversation, Magisk mentioned that the departure of Dev1ce gave him more motivation to play and said that he wants to prove Dev1ce that he made the wrong decision by joining Ninjas In Pyjamas.

Furthermore, Magisk also pointed out in the interview that he is working on things outside the game to protect his mental health because it has been really tough to keep it during the coronavirus outbreak, which will prevent another burnout problem from Astralis.

Magisk said:

“Dev1ce leaving the team gave me a lot of motivation. It gave me the hunger to prove that it wasn’t the correct decision.

I also believe I had to work on myself on the mental side a little bit, also because of COVID. I had to figure out what I could change. I’ve been trying to get a little bit more structure in my everyday life as well. It’s been a kind of tough period for me and it’s been difficult finding an everyday that I enjoy. I’m getting into that routine now and I’m feeling a lot more energised.

For me, it’s definitely been about working on things outside of the game. It’s been nice to be able to help the team more and put up better numbers as well.”

Astralis will play their debut match against FaZe Clan on 9 July, and this will be their first LAN match without their long-time member Dev1ce. Instead of Dev1ce, dupreeh will be the one who mostly uses the AWP. Additionally, the youngster Lucas “Bubzkji” Andersen’s performance will be having a curucial role in Astralis’ journey in IEM Cologne 2021.

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