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Astralis Player dupreeh Reveals The Most Overpowered Gun In The Counter-Strike History



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Peter Rasmussen, known as “dupreeh” is a 26-year-old Danish CS:GO player who has been representing Astralis since January 2016. On 31 October, during the interview with, he said that SG553 is the most overpowered gun in Counter-Strike history.

“You touched on the Krieg, obviously, there’s a lot of discussion about it at the moment. Throughout the last five years of CS:GO we’ve had different metas, different overpowered guns and stuff like that. How do you feel the current Krieg stands the test against the CZ-75 back in the day and the AUG, and other things? How bad is it, really?”

dupreeh said:

“I think we are looking at the most overpowered gun in the history of Counter-Strike, honestly. You had the combination of the AWP with the quick-switch of the CZ75 back in the days, you had the M4A1-S shooting really really fast, you had the AUG meta, but I still think the Krieg is the one that is by far the most powerful.”

dupreeh continued:

“There are two things to it: when a CT gets a Krieg, he will go for duels that he would’ve been unable to take with an M4 or an AK, for that matter, and he’s just going to sit there and hold an angle, and it’s just really powerful. It seems that you can actually out-duel AWPs, and when the Terrorists decide to go for aggressive peeks against M4s, there are just certain peeks you can’t take anymore as a CT, because you know there’s a Krieg waiting for you there, they’re just going to peek you.”

He added:

“I think it’s a shame, actually, for the game, I think it’s really not in place, the gun is basically too powerful in terms of the accuracy of the gun, it has a scope, and some people claim that it has an easier spray pattern than the AK if you just learn it. I think it’s up to each individual person how good they are with it, but you can definitely see the popularity of the gun has risen since everyone started using it, obviously.”

dupreeh lastly said:

“There are players that are just so good with the weapon, that whenever they get it, a player like Brehze, a player like Brollan from fnatic, you can just see how their individual level has gone skyrocketing since the gun. They are still really great players without it, obviously, but it’s still at a point where I think it’s too good for how it is in pricing.”

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