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Attack on Titan Tactics Official Trailer Announced By Kayac



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Attack on Titan, the new game of the series was announced on the mobile platform. The new game is different than the previous game. The most important feature of the game will have tactical gameplay.

Attack on Titan Tactics will be active primarily in North America, Canada, and Australia. Attack on Titan excitement will continue on the mobile platform. The game will be released on IOS and Android platform, expected by fans. The release date of the game is not clearly defined.

List of characters predicted to be in the game;

– Eren Jaeger
– Mikasa Ackermann
– Armin Arlelt
– Reiner Braun
– Bertholdt Hoover
– Annie Leonhart
– Jean Kirschtein
– Conny Springer
– Sasha Braus
– Christa Lenz
– Ymir
– Marco Bodt
– Thomas Wagner
– Mina Carolina
– Daz
– Keith Sadies
– Levi
– Hange Zoë
– Erwin Smith