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Average Jonas Finds New Brilliant Shock Darts For Sova Mains



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Twitch streamer and content creator for Team Liquid, Average Jonas, is known for intelligent Sova lineups as well as 200 IQ gameplays in Valorant. Also, he is one of the most-watched streamers in the Valorant scene.

Jonas has been finding double-shock dart lineups since the beginning of the game and showed how to kill enemies in the choke points, how to destroy common Killjoy’s ultimate abilities, and many more.

Recently, he has been working on new double-shock dart lineups to kill the enemies who are trying to get orbs during his stream, and he revealed two of the lineups by sharing the clips on his official Twitter account.

The first lineup was on the Bind as a defender, and Jonas was chilling right behind the A bombsite. The shock darts were made for the A Bathroom orb and both of them landed on top of the orb at the same time.

The second one was on the Icebox, and Jonas was illustrating the defender Sova. He lined up himself behind A Screen and sent the double-shock darts for the orb that under the A Pipes, which landed at the same time as always.

Here is what Average Jonas wrote for the first clip:

For the first time in ages I’m really excited about the new Sova lineups I’ve found. Obviously it’s hard to constantly come up with new stuff that is game changing but I think this video on Wednesday is gonna blow people away. Ult orbs are not safe anymore.”

Average Jonas on the second clip:

“One day I’ll discover a lineup to find the dream girl, but for now let’s settle with bullying players with 6/7 ult charge.”

You can check out the posts below.

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