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Average Jonas Pulls Off A Great 3-Man Spraydown In Valorant



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Jonas Navarsete, known as “Average Jonas,” is a freelance commentator and analyst who has been streaming full-time on Twitch, mostly known for his insane Sova lineups in Valorant. Currently, he is a member of Team Liquid.

Average Jonas posted a new clip on his official Twitter account from his recent live stream and proved that he is not only playing with the line-ups by showing off his insane spray skills with Vandal.

Jonas was playing with Omen as a defender in the Split, and he was chilling out in the mid-mail. Then, he decided to jump on top of the casual Sage wall that almost every player put across the mid.

Afterward, he started to take down the enemies with a Vandal spray down. First, he killed the enemy Reyna who was sitting towards the back of mid, then he turned to the enemy Brimstone right under the Sage wall.

As for his last kill, Jonas silenced the enemy Jett who was trying to peek from the sewer and won the round for his teammates. In the video, you could see the hype around the players after seeing such a great play.

Average Jonas wrote:

“Vandal transfers.”

You can check out the post below.

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