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Average Jonas Shows How To Use Phoenix’s Molly Without Any Lineup



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Valorant is an FPS game where the utility becomes so important especially for the after-plant situations. Unlike CS:GO, you can not distinguish the mollies or poisons with smokes.

For the past years, players have been learning how to throw their utilities precisely toward the choke points with lineups. Sova’s Shock Darts, Viper’s Snake Bites, Brimstone, and Phoenix’s mollies are a few examples of these utilities.

However, Team Liquid’s content creator and one of the most-watched Twitch streamers in the Valorant scene, Average Jonas, found a new way to use Phoenix’s mollies from everywhere even without having a precise lineup.

As you can see in the video below, Jonas is positioning himself with the point where he wants to throw the molly via the sound circle of himself, which could be seen on the minimap pretty easily.

At first, he is throwing the molly by putting his aim around 30 degrees of the spot and running towards it. When the circle passes the Spike, Jonas throws the molly after jumping, which lands on top of the spike.

The other way of using this trick is making sure that your sound circle passes the Spike about three meters, and you can now aim within 60 degrees of the spike. Then, he throws the molly while standing still.

Here is what Average Jonas wrote:

“Here’s my new Phoenix minimap trick to molly anywhere consistently without knowing lineups. Tag a friend who needs to learn this!

You can check out the post below.

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