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Average Jonas Shows Off His Insane Sheriff One-Taps



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Average Jonas is one of the most loved streamers in the Valorant scene. Also, he is known for his 200 IQ plays with Sova. For over a year, he has been creating content for Team Liquid.

Average Jonas took his official Twitter account to share a new post yesterday and revealed a clip from his recent livestream on Twitch. In the video, you can ses that Jonas showed off his incredible aim.

Jonas was playing Jett on Ascent, and he was defending the B bombsite by peaking from the main with only a Sheriff. First, Jonas took down the enemy Skye who was peeking from the top of the wall, then he turned back to the Omen on the ground level.

Afterward, Jonas peeked through the right side of B main and took down the enemy Killjoy with a single bullet to her head. Later on, he struggled to get Raze but managed to kill her with a body shot.

Then, Average Jonas was looking to get his ace, and he started to search for the last enemy around the map. Thanks to his teammates, Jonas found where the last enemy was standing and managed to took him down in the market.

Average Jonas wrote this as a caption:

“Ion Sheriff supremacy.”

You can check out the post below.

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