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Average Jonas Shows Off The Ace That He Got With Jett



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Average Jonas, who is known for his intelligent and creative plays with Sova in Valorant, is a 32-year-old Twitch streamer and a content creator for Team Liquid since January 2021. Besides that, he was also a commentator in some of the Valorant tournaments.

Recently, Average Jonas started to stream along with the North American streamers in the North American Valorant server, which makes him play with around 100 ping, but he managed to get an incredible ace with Jett.

In the video, you can see that Jonas was on the defender’s side on Icebox, and he was holding a deep angle with the operator. After getting his first kill on Killjoy, he repositioned himself to take down the enemy Jett who was peeking at him from on top of the container.

Afterward, Jonas dashed out through the bombsite and rappeled up to the top of the container in there. Then, he killed the enemy Raze on the air who was trying to jump through the bombsite with her satchels.

As for the last two kills, Jonas pulled off the Jett knives and took down Skye from the air. Later on, he dashed towards the enemy Omen who was waiting behind the yellow container and killed him immeadetly.

Average Jonas’ reaction after getting an ace with 100 ping:

100 ping Jettnas Ace. Hello NA, I am in you…”

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