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AZR Explains Why jks Wanted To Join Complexity Gaming



Aaron “AZR” Ward is a 28-year-old Australian CS:GO player who had played for Renegades and 100 Thieves in the past. Since January 2021, he has been playing under EXTREMUM jersey with his long-time teammates.

As you might already know, AZR and his teammates had been playing for over years together, and they strengthen their success in 2019 with Renegades by joining 100 Thieves as a roster. However, the coronavirus outbreak, as well as the online era of the game, started.

Because of the lockdown restrictions, AZR and his colleagues had to stay in North America and play at the 100 Thieves compound, which lowered the motivation of grinding because the whole scene was playing in Europe.

Therefore, 100 Thieves decided to part ways with their roster. Following the decision, one of the shining members of 100 Thieves, Justin “jks” Savage, decided to join the North American team Complexity Gaming.

During a recent conversation with Richard Lewis, AZR explained why jks decided to leave the team and joined Complexity even though they were performing really well together for the past two years.

According to AZR, the roster was spending so much together especially during the pandemic that players get sick of each other and wanted something new. And this is the reason why jks wanted to leave the team.

Here is what AZR said:

“I think the only chance of Justin was going to stay was only if we went to Europe as 100 Thieves. Other than that, I think he was open the new stuff. At that point, we have been together for so long, especially in America, like we started to get sick of each other. So we just wanted something new. We were together every day, practicing in the 100 Thieves compound, and we lived next to each other…

He just wanted something completely different I felt like. At that time, Complexity Gaming in the top ten or five something with oBo so they were looking pretty damn good. So he saw that as an opportunity further his career, and he went for it.”

You can check out the full interview below.

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