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Bad News From Free CS:GO



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The legendary game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was free after the addition of the Battle Royale mode.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been made free this week after the Danger Zone Battle Royale mode. People who do not give money to the CS: GO game and have not been in their library can have all the features of CS: GO (including Battle Royale) at no charge.

The Steam page received more than 13,000 negative reviews from the moment the CS: GO became free. The reason for this is that CS: GO, which does not get rid of the cheats, is free, it becomes an invaluable opportunity for the tricks, because the cheaters; When the accounts are closed, they can easily open a new account and use the CS: GO game for free and use the cheats again until the accounts are closed.

CS: GO was free, but people who previously paid money to the game were upgraded to the Distinguished rank. In this case, the people who are in the elite position only match the rivals in the Distinguished position and the chances of encountering the cheating people are very weak.