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Bad News: The Elder Scrolls VI Won’t be at E3 This Year



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We can’t see Bethesda‘s highly anticipated game, The Elder Scrolls VI, at E3 this year. However, we will not have the chance to see another Bethesda game Starfield at the same event.

Bethesda Games Studios director Todd Howard was speaking to Game Informer at the PAX East. Game Informer Game Informer has written like that:

“Howard said neither game would be talked about in the coming show, presumably so Bethesda can focus on more upcoming titles like Doom Eternal and ongoing projects like the somewhat-released Elder Scrolls Blades. While Starfield is the next big game from Bethesda Games Studios on the docket, Bethesda has been fairly clear that The Elder Scrolls VI is significantly further off, and likely will not be on this generation of consoles.”

We will keep you informed of news related to the Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield.