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Banned Rainbow Six Siege Player Reacts To Ubisoft’s ‘Cheater’ Statement: “Good Job Boys!”



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Jack Robertson, known as “Doki,” is a 20-year-old British Rainbow Six Siege player who has been representing Natus Vincere for over ten months. In October 2019, he was banned by Ubisoft amid his stream on Twitch due to the toxic behavior, and his ban lifted on April 6, 2020.

For a while, Rainbow Six Siege scene has been suffering from the cheaters that they can’t even play the game. They are DDoS-ing the servers and holding the lobbies for an hour to win the game.

After the feedback from the community, Ubisoft finally shared a statement about these cheaters. They stated that they are working on solutions to make this game better.

On the other hand, Doki saw this post and shared his reaction on Twitter. Doki said that these changes are solid and will affect the game in a positive way. Also, he thanked Ubisoft for making these changes.

Here is what Doki said:

“Some really solid changes in here. I knew they had to be working on some changes so super glad to see the following changes, good job guys.”

A fan named Bobby replied:

“One Season later an all of this things are back again.”

Doki replied:

“You can’t say that? You’re just talking out of past results and beliefs. They say they do not tolerate it and are working on new methods, so let’s see if it works before deciding it already hasn’t.”

Click here for the statement from Ubisoft, and you can check out his tweets below.

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